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Bicycle & Pedestrian Plans
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Upper Cutting from 37th St. to Hwy 80

Striping and signage plan as displayed at special RBPAC meeting. The striping will be added in conjunction with scheduled street maintenance.


Patrick Phelan
Engineering Infrastructure Administrator
Engineering Services Department
450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804

Tel: 510-307-8111

Large zoomable PDFs.

File 1

File 2

Bay Trail Gap Closure
Castro St to Richmond- San Rafael Bridge

This project addresses the critical lack of a Bay Trail connection between Point Richmond and the south side of the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge toll plaza area where an existing trail built by Caltrans runs under the bridge to Western Drive.

2001 - present Edric Kwan, Chief Engineer
City of Richmond, Engineering Services
450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804
Click here for comprehensive information on TRAC's prize-winning website:
6/26/2012 Per TRAC: Castro St./Bridge Bay Trail Gap Closure project is scheduled to go before City Council seeking authorization to contract for Caltrans participation based on the preferred alignment that received strong support during community meeting held Dec. 1 in Richmond's main library
5/13/12 Richmond Design Review Board PDF of the Power Point presentation (7MB)
per TRAC: When your eyes start glazing over peering at the tiny engineering drawings, skip ahead to the visual representations near the end.

Per TRAC: Funding has been secured to proceed with plans, permitting and construction design.

The ball started rolling in November when Caltrans and Contra Costa Transportation Authority received more than 100 emails from you as residents of western Contra Costa and Alameda counties from Hercules to Oakland, as well as from those residing in the counties of San Francisco, Marin and Solano supporting this Regional trail project.

Senator Hancock, Assembly Member Skinner, Councilman Tom Butt and Richmond City management then followed through skillfully on this strong showing of public support.

Click here for update with images depicting the trail route and conceptual design.


Public Meeting Summary

Flyer with Maps, Aerial, & Details


Summary tab of the alternatives (.xls file)

Current (2011) Study Alternatives

2001 Study Alternatives

Scofield Bridge I-580 Scofield Avenue and Western Dr. Bridge Deck Replacement Project

The I-580 Scofield/Western Drive deck replacement project is located just east of the Richmond San Rafael Bridge and will replace three bridge decks at the Scofield Avenue and Western Drive undercrossings.

6/4/2012 The project is highly controversial. Check the Caltrans project website for weekly updates by clicking here

Allyn Amsk
Public Information Officer
Caltrans, District 4, Office of Public Affairs
Office (510) 286-5445

6/6/2012 per Allyn Amsk:
During the closure of the eastbound I-580 Western Drive on-ramp, the bike path used as a detour for smaller vehicles will remain open for bikes. Although smaller vehicles will only be able to use this path from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., the path will be open to bicyclists and pedestrians 24 hours per day.

The shuttle service for bicyclists will be in place between Marine Street and Western Drive when bicycles are not allowed to use the mainline shoulder. In addition, westbound I-580 will be reopened to bicyclists after the westbound construction is complete. The eastbound I-580 portion is the only section that will be closed for the duration of the project.

Caltrans expects to begin construction in fall 2012. During construction, the eastbound I-580 Western Drive on-ramp will be closed for up to three months. During this ramp closure, a detour will be provided for vehicles three-quarter ton or smaller via an existing, paved bike path during the hours of 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The maximum height for vehicles using the bike path detour is 9 feet. A flagger and pilot car will escort vehicles on the detour. Outside of these hours, vehicles three-quarter ton or smaller will access eastbound I-580 by driving westbound across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, exit at San Quentin, and then return to I-580 eastbound. Larger vehicles will not be permitted on the bike path at any time and will use the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge as a detour. During the three month closure, toll passes will be provided for businesses, residents, and local users of Western Drive required to use the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge as a detour.

Harbour Way Pedestrian & Bicycle Project


I-5. ADOPT a resolution approving the city's application for the Transportation
Development Act (TDA) Article 3 Pedestrian and Bicycle Funding for Fiscal
Year 2012-2013 and, if awarded, ACCEPT and APPROPRIATE the funds for
implementation of the Harbour Way Pedestrian and Bicycle Project -
Engineering Services Department (Edric Kwan 621-1825).
Council Agenda

Ohlone Greenway - Richmond Greenway Gap Closure

1/3/2012 Joel Camacho , P.E., Associate Civil Engineer
City of Richmond, Engineering Services
450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804

Schematic Design 11/15/2010 3 MB

City Mgr's Report 12/23/2011

Plan Set 12/14/2011 8 MB

Bike Plan Graphic


3/8/2010 - ongoing
11/19/10 - public comment period ends

Richmond City Council approves Bicycle Master Plan and Pedestrian Plan by a vote of 5 to 2 as part of the following resolution:

I-2. (1) ADOPT a resolution adopting the Mitigated Negative Declaration for the City of Richmond Bicycle Master Plan, City of Richmond Pedestrian Plan, Harbor Way Project and Carlson Boulevard Project, and finding the Mitigated Negative Declaration adequate for the plans and projects as proposed in their independent judgment; (2) APPROVE and ADOPT the City of Richmond's Bicycle Master Plan; (3) APPROVE and ADOPT the City of Richmond's Pedestrian Plan; and (4) APPROVE the Harbor Way and the Carlson Boulevard Projects - Planning and Building Services Department (Richard Mitchell 620- 6706).

Kieron Slaughter, GPR
City of Richmond Planning Division
450 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd Floor
PO Box 4046 Richmond, CA. 94804
DESK: 510.620.6887
FAX: 510.620.6858
EMAIL: Kieron Slaughter
WEB: www.ci.richmond.ca.us/planning

Oct. 2011 Bicycle Master Plan "final" draft and appendices are linked from this page on the city's website.

6/2/2011 Fehr and Peers aerial concept plan and cross section for the short-term proposal to "reunite" the east and west spans of the Richmond Greenway. Big file! Click here

Environmental Review
The City has entered into a contract with LSA Associates Inc. to complete the CEQA Environmental Review of the Bicycle Master Plan and Pedestrian Plan. The City and LSA have prepared an Initial Study Checklist and a Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration.

Comments must be received by 5:00 p.m. September 19, 2011 , at the following address:

Kieron Slaughter, Assistant Planner
Richmond Planning Division
450 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd Floor
Richmond, CA. 94804

Kieron Slaughter, Assistant Planner
City of Richmond Planning Division
450 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd Floor
PO Box 4046 Richmond, CA. 94804
DESK: 510.620.6887
FAX: 510.620.6858
EMAIL: Kieron Slaughter
WEB: www.ci.richmond.ca.us/planning

City of Richmond Pavement Management Program

Current & Upcoming Resurfacing Projects including an ovelay showing Bikeways

July, 2011 Patrick Phelan Engineering Infrastructure Administrator
Engineering Services Department
450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804
Tel: 510-307-8111
Current bikeway projects overlain on CORresurfacing projects.
Click here to download the zoomable PDF file

Click here to download the zoomable PDF of the current & upcoming resurfacing projects.

The Draft Traffic Safety Study done by the City of Richmond's Engineering Department.

Comment deadline March 1st, 2011 Steven_Tam, City of Richmond Engineering Dept. Click here to download a copy.

RTP (Regional Transportation Plan) update / CALL FOR PROJECTS

Mtc 2035 Plan

to April 29, 2011

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) will issue an open "Call for Projects" for the RTP on March 1, 2011, with project submittals due April 29, 2011. City staff in Richmond will be submitting projects and the Bicycle Coalition is going to ask that bike projects be included.

As of 3/14/2011, the process for applying and demonstrating cooperation between the city and NGOs is still not clear.

Possible Richmond projects:

  • Richmond-Ohlone Greenway Connection ? cost: $1,560,000
  • Richmond Greenway Overcrossing of tracks between Carlson and 23rd St (cost t.b.d.)?
Joel Camacho City of Richmond Engineering Dept. 510.620.5482

Contra Costa Countywide Transportation Plan

Ebbc website project description
Ebbc is prepared to support Richmond in our effort to close these crucial gaps in the regional bikeways.

By trail cover

Bay Trail Gap Closure
Castro St to Richmond- San Rafael Bridge


Edric Kwan
City of Richmond Engineer

Click here for TRAC's instructions to a self-guided tour of the project area

1/25/2011 Click here for the status report slide show presented by Questa Engineering at the public meeting

12/13/2010 Click here for the status report slide show presented to the RBPAC (large PDF) by Questa Engineering

Barrett Ave. bike striping project 1/07/2009 ongoing Chadrick Smalley , MPA, Development Project Manager,Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency,p:510.412.2067

Kieron Slaughter , GPR, Ass't Planner
Richmond Planning Division
DESK: 510.620.6887
FAX: 510.620.6858
WEB: www.ci.richmond.ca.us/planning

Scan of the map (Huge file)

Staff report to Planning commission 1/2010 (Large file)

Final traffic report-6/2009 (giant file)

Pedestrian Safety Assessment (PSA) and Pedestrian Master Plan

Tuesday 3/22/2011 Richmond City Council Study Session
City Hall Chambers, 450 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, 94804

12/2009 ongoing

Nancy Baer Injury Prevention & Physical Activity Promotion Projects Contra Costa Health Services
597 Center Ave. Suite 115
Martinez, CA 94553
925-313-6837 phone
925-313-6334 fax

12/14,2009 Draft Ped Plan focus areas
12/18/2009 Draft PSA Walk Audit Locations (BIG PDF)

Pt. Molate Gambling Resort DEIS/DEIR

April 5, 2011 City Council Vote

10/23/09 , 5pm - Comment deadline

Public Hearings:
8/12/09, 6pm 9/17/09, 6pm
Richmond Memorial Auditorium

Recommended: Click TRAC's action page for suggested language and a pre-addressed e-mail link.

Lina Velasco, Senior Planner
COR Planning Division
450 Civic Center Plaza
P.O. Box 4046
Richmond, CA 94804

-Informational email from TRAC
-9/3/09 letter from TRAC
-Online copy of the Draft DEIS/DEIR

-Primer on How to Make Effective Comments on an EIR (Tom Butt)

CCTA (Contra Cost Transportation Authority) final 2009 Countywide Transportation Plan 6/2009 Click here to download the PDF from CCTA
9/19/2009 MTC library
fax:510.817.5932 or
tel: at 510.817.5836.
Transportation 2035 Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area: Change in Motion
Online tool for learning more about projects and programs identified in Appendix 1 of the Plan at the Online Transportation 2035 Project Listings Web site
Richmond General Plan Comment deadline extended to 9/30/09

Lori Reese-Brown , Principal Planner, COR Planning Div.
450 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd Floor, Richmond, CA 94804

Circulation element PDF
Circulation maps PDF
I-80 / San Pablo Dam Road Interchange Improvements Project
(now $130 mill!!)
Comment deadline 9/8/09, 5pm

Sheryl M. Garcia , Associate Environmental Planner,
Dept of Transportation
Office of Environmental Analysis; P.O. Box 23660, Oakland, CA 94623-0660

Access the plan on the San Pablo city site


Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle Pedestrian Plan Comment deadline 8/5/09

Brad Beck , Contra Costa County Transit Authority (CCTA) , 3478 Buskirk Ave. Suite 100, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

CBPP page
County Network Map

RBPAC/Health Dept Comments
EBBC's Comments
Tony Sustak's Comments

Marina Way between Macdonald and Barrett Avenues Class Two bike lane proposal

7/7/08 currently in construction

Joe Light, Richmond Planning 05-RTST01-ST05.PDF