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Our Vision: We are an organization of people who prefer biking and walking. We support cycling for transportation and recreation.

We envision a Richmond where local schoolchildren and residents can safely shop and travel around the city by bicycle and foot as well as commuting safely by bicycle.

All residents can reach their favorite gathering spots, address daily needs, and access government & transit without having to get into a car.

Visitors from around the world, arriving by BART, AMTRAK or bus, can safely bicycle to our scenic shoreline and other spots of interest.

The Richmond Homefront and our magnificent shoreline areas are best seen by bike. Destinations like the Bay Trail , the Richmond Greenway , Pt. Pinole Regional Shoreline and Rosie the Riveter National Park are easily reached by bicycle from the Richmond BART station.

The Richmond BPAC (RBPAC) was formed in 2008 to allow the community to work in partnership with the City of Richmond, California.

Our Mission: We promote local, commuter and recreational cycling and walking in Richmond and improve the safety of cyclists and walkers on our roads.

We provide input and feedback to the City on cycling and pedestrian infrastructure by reviewing plans and prioritizing projects.

We undertake various cycling education and awareness activities in co-operation with the City.

The Public is invited to join us

Our Goal: We support a connected network of bikeways with three tiers:

  • seamless connections with regional bikeways and surrounding cities.
  • safe circulation by bicycle and foot around the city of Richmond.
  • continuous circulation within the neighborhoods by bicycle and by foot.

We strongly support the formation and activities of other cycling and walking organizations in Richmond.

RBPAC iis a fiscally sponsored project of the Bike East Bay which is a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Donations to EBBC are tax-deductible and can be earmarked for the RBPAC. Please contact us to make a donation.



Checkm ark We were honored by the Richmond City Council with a proclamation which also declared May as bike month in Richmond.

Activities Sponsored and Organized by the RBPAC

We hosted an energizer station at the Richmond BART for Bike to Work Day on May 10th.

Checkm ark We created and cordinated the 2nd Annual Richmond Ride of Silence to honor cyclists who were injured or killed (click here ) In doing this, we joined 316 cities worldwide. Univision television reported counting over sixty cyclists at our ride. See our news page to view the extensive press coverage.


Checkm ark We advocated eliminating city encroachment fees for bike racks.

Checkm ark We have requested that the city establish a fund to pay for bike racks and installation.

Checkm ark We sent a letter of support for the preferred alignment for the Bay Trail gap blosure from Castro St to the Richmond- San Rafael Bridge


Checkm ark Thanks to the protean efforts of the Richmond BPAC, t he Richmond Bicycle Master Plan was adopted on November 1, 2011.

    • RBPAC had particular impact creating a scoring system for evaluating project priorities as well as providing major input to the bicycle network map.
    • The consultants adopted our suggestion to include an online mapping system to allow interactive input and comments froom the public on the bicycle network.
    • We asked that the mapping system export data in a form that the Richmond GPS system could import, and it was done. This was the culmination of 3+ years of hard work by our committee.
    • We hosted and publicized public outreach and assessment rides.
    • We reached out to and met with our political leaders in order to foster familiarity and acceptance of the plan.

checkmark We created and hosted an energizer station for Bike to Work Day with a bilingual Spanish-English focus.

Checkm ark We celebrated our third birthday with a potluck party.

Checkm ark We adopted bylaws and had our first election of officers.

The Pedestrian Plan , targeting specific areas in the city, was also adopted by the City Council on November 1, 2011.

The Richmond Engineering Department appointed Patrick Phelan as their representative to the RBPAC.

Checkm ark We wrote letters of support for several successful grant applications.

Checkm ark 2011 Bicycle Improvements in the City of Richmond

    • Construction Complete
      • Barrett Ave, A St to 6th St - Sharrows
      • W Nevin Ave, west end to 1st St - Sharrows
      • S 37th St, Center Ave to Cutting Blvd - Bike Lanes and Sharrows
      • Wall Ave, 37th to 39th Sts - Sharrows
      • Completed a rebuild of 2,900 feet of SF Bay Trail between Shimada Park and Meeker Slough. This work included widening the trail to 10' paved with 4' decomposed granite shoulder inboard, 2' outboard, for a total width of 16' for this segment.Installed new landscaping and irrigation, and 54 new LED bollard lights. This project was approximately $450k to construct.
      • Sharrows along Nevin between Harbour Way and 13th Street; a new pedestrian plaza (bikes allowed) between 13th Street and Marina Way. This was a $1.3m project, funded by the Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency and the TLC program. The length is just under 1/4 mile.
    • Construction Pending
      • Carlson Blvd, Cutting Blvd to Bayview Ave - Specially-designed striping installed that will allow for quick switch from 2 driving lanes to bike lane and driving lane.
      • Carlson Blvd, Tehama Ave to City Limit - Bike lanes to be added soon as separate project due to federal funding.
    • Design Complete
      • Robert Miller Dr, San Pablo Ave to Hilltop Dr - Bike Lanes
      • Filbert St, N Castro St to Duboce Ave - Sharrows

Click here to see RBPAC at the North Richmond Shoreline Festival We gave out bags, safety information, maps and lots of bicycle-themed kids items. RBPAC provided 200 free helmets to Boy Scout volunteers and trained them how to fit them- these were distributed to cyclists of all ages along with safety information. Plus, we did valet bike parking using Richmond Spokes's bike racks.

  • Assisted the city in completing a comprehensive and usable Bicycle Master Plan.
  • Assisted the city in completing a usable Pedestrian Plan.
  • Performed outreach to ensure the highest possible level of public comment on the Bicycle and Pedestrian plans.
  • Make "Complete Streets" and "Routine Accommodation" policy recommendations for the new Richmond General Plan to ensure that all users of the road and sidewalk are fully accomodated in every City plan and project. Our target group includes every pedestrian, bicyclist, and person with disabilities.
  • Advised our City on the development and implementation of its comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plans.
  • Reviewed plans and recommend priorities for proposed City bicycle and pedestrian projects.
  • Support the efforts of other groups which promote and encourage non-motorized travel.
  • Create linkages between existing bicycle and pedestrian routes.
  • Foster bicycle and pedestrian safety education.
  • Increase membership in the BPAC.

2008 Goal ACHIEVED!

Checkmark Act as a catalyst for funding a comprehensive Richmond Bicycle / Pedestrian Plan by 2009.

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