In preparation for the important presentation by Questa on Dec. 13 about closure of the Bay Trail gap between Castro St. at Tewksbury and the existing trail under the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge, please visit TRAC's Closing the Gaps webpage for the Point San Pablo Penninsula .

After reviewing this important background, please try to make time to get in a CAR with your bike if possible and drive out to visit both ends of the planned new Bay Trail segment.

  1. Check out the intersection of Castro and Tewksbury where there is a bus stop for both AC and Golden Gate transit companies.

  2. Drive up Tewksbury to its western end at Chevron property and try to envision a new Class I Bay Trail between I-580 and the houses along that side of Tewksbury.

  3. After checking out this eastern end of the planned new Bay Trail segment, take Castro St. under I-580 to the ramp leading westbound toward the bridge but exit Western Drive before the toll booths and park on the left at the 3-way intersection where you will find the entry to the trail under the bridge.

  4. Bike (or walk) this trail to emerge south of the toll plaza and go as far as you feel safe to view the area where the trail will transition from the hill on Chevron's property to Caltrans's wide parking area on the south side of I-580.

Making time for this preparation will be critically important to understand Questa's presentation and to provide informed input to closing this dangerous gap in the Bay Trail. Thanks!